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Before you embark on any course of treatment it is important that both you and your therapist feel comfortable working together so that we can achieve your goals. Your first hypnotherapy session enables these foundations to be established and will last for approx. 1½ hours.


A detailed case history is taken and your specific problem and reason for treatment is discussed with you disclosing as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.


This results in a treatment plan being drawn up that best suits your individual needs. Within this treatment plan your goals are set and the criteria upon which your progress towards your goals will be measured.


Throughout your first session the process of using hypnotherapy and what to expect is explained and this is also the opportunity for you to ask questions.


It is important at this stage that there is commitment from you as a client to work towards achieving your goal. 


Hypnotherapy can be of huge benefit to help you discover and develop the resources you need, but it is not a magic wand and you need to be fully committed to working with the process to create the change you want.  


At the end of the first session you will have experienced what it is like to be led into a relaxed state and be clear on your treatment plan. 


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This initial session provides the strong foundation from which changes to your life can begin to happen. 

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Follow up sessions start with an update on what has happened since your previous session and then we move on to doing more of the change work using hypnotherapy.  Sessions will usually last 1 hour.

The good news to come out of the Covid 19 Pandemic, is that hypnotherapy via zoom does in fact work very effectively.  During this time when face to face sessions have not been possible, clients have still enjoyed the benefit that having hypnotherapy offers.  Surprisingly many have also commented that they quite like the virtual sessions as they can relax easily in their own home and it has been more convenient with fitting the appointment time into their day.


As a fully qualified reflexologist there may be occasions where it can be beneficial to work some of the reflex points on the feet during your hypnotherapy session. This will be discussed as an option, if it is felt to be appropriate.

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