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Dealing with fertility issues can be incredibly stressful, for both men and women.  It can create huge amounts of worry, anxiety and frustration.  Getting help and support at this point in the journey can be very beneficial. 


Hypnotherapy can help you let go of any worries and concerns about being a parent that may be present, and put you in a more relaxed and positive mental state.  It can also help reduce stress, and teach you how to manage your stress levels more effectively which can have a positive effect on the hormonal balance required for conception.


Reflexology treatments focus on working the points on the feet related to the hormonal system and reproductive organs of the body, (the reflexes worked will be based on the woman's  monthly cycle). Men too can also benefit from a  course of reflexology!


From my experience as a therapist a combined approach works really well when dealing with issues around fertility, and can also support you through the IVF process if that is where you are at.  Depending on your situation however,  one therapy may be advised over the other as the best treatment plan for you.

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Some women seem very lucky and sail through pregnancy without any issues.  For others morning sickness, back pain, stress, digestive issues, disturbed sleep, anxiety and fear surrounding the transition to parenthood may be everyday experiences. 


Getting support from a therapist who understands and can help you through this part of your journey is really important, and will put you in the best mental, emotional and physical state that you can be for this really important phase in your life.  Both hypnotherapy and reflexology can play an important part in helping support you throughout your pregnancy and also in preparation for giving birth.


Becoming a parent is one of the major transitions that happen in your life.  It is anticipated to be a wonderful time full of complete joy and happiness.  However it can also be a very overwhelming time, especially straight after the birth for the mother when she is still in physical and mental recovery mode.  Sleepless nights, getting used to feeding techniques and routines, feelings of  overwhelm and anxiety, and a huge feeling of guilt for feeling all of those completely normal emotions may be present.  This can affect both the mother and the father.  Having treatment that helps support you during this stage and helps you to rebalance mentally, physically and emotionally is so important at this time and something that I feel very passionate about.

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