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Combining the treatments of hypnotherapy and reflexology into one integrated session has become a very popular treatment choice for many, with great mental, physical and emotional benefits . 


This session as with all treatments, is tailored to your individual needs.  As a general guide we start with hypnotherapy  to take you into a place of deep physical and mental relaxation.  We  then use positive suggestions  to  help you achieve your goals and let go of any things that are causing a block.  At the same time as this, we work the reflexes  on your feet to help clear any energetic blockages in your body. 


If you would like to discuss whether this would be an appropriate combination treatment for you to have the please give me a call.

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Training as a therapist as been an incredible journey, and what I realise after being on this journey for more than 20 years, is that it is one that never stops.  My training specialisms have  primarily focused around hypnotherapy and reflexology.  However along the way I have learnt and become experienced in many other healing techniques and modalities.  I use this knowledge to add to my tool kit and enhance the treatments that I give.  It gives me greater flexibility and more resources to be client focused and to  tailor treatments in a way that best supports the individual  to achieve their goals and live their best life.


For so many of us 2020 has really changed the way we work.  Working from home has now become the norm, and  looks like it will be for a long time going forward.  Many having discovered a new work life balance and increased productivity with remote working, which is creating a huge shift in our work patterns. 


As a therapist who always worked face to face, the various lockdowns during 2020 and 2021 have unfortunately meant that I have not been able to see clients at my clinic in Newbury.  This forced me to think differently about how to continue to support clients.  Initially I was quite reluctant to engage in working remotely with clients, as it seemed so different to how I would normally work.  But like all new things, it is important to give it a go and see if it works.  I have been so surprised at how successful these sessions over zoom have been, and the benefit and enjoyment my clients have had from these treatments.   


Based on positive feedback and demand, as we move out of lockdown I have made the decision to continue to offer zoom sessions.  Hypnotherapy and many of the other healing techniques that I regularly use when treating clients work well this way, although reflexology for obvious reasons is not able to be offered over zoom.  If you feel the flexibility and convenience of having treatment in your own home is something you would like to try then please contact me to book a session.  

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