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A reflexology treatment involves pressure systematically being applied to different areas on the feet and/or hands known as “reflexes”.  It is based on the theory that these reflexes link with the different organs and energy systems of the body and, when stimulated, help to remove any blockages within the body and promote inner healing to restore the natural balance of the body.    People generally find the treatment very relaxing and a powerful way in which to improve and maintain their physical health and emotional well-being which can work well alongside conventional western medicine. 

The beginnings of Reflexology can be traced back centuries and across many different cultures, as far back as 5000BC in China, and 2330BC in Egypt.  Reflexology has evolved over time to now be viewed as a holistic therapy that treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  Specific techniques have been developed to work the reflexes on the feet (and sometimes hands) to clear congestion and energy blockages  to bring about change in the body. 


It is now a popular way in western culture to work holistically with individuals to promote a better feeling of health and help counter the stresses and tensions of modern living.

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