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When you attend your first reflexology session, a full case history will be taken which will involve being asked background questions about your general health and wellbeing.  Your aims and goals of having treatment will be discussed and prioritised and this will result in a treatment plan being drawn up that best suits your individual needs.


I will then explain to you the background theory behind reflexology and how it could help you and make sure that you are fully aware of what to expect from your treatment.

Prior to your treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form as a matter of good practice. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks. Your feet will be examined, and a cream will be massaged into the skin on your feet. 

All reflexes on the feet are then stimulated through a gentle foot massage, with priority given to the reflexes that need extra attention to help bring about the body’s own natural power of healing and the reflexes that correspond to your aims of treatment. This session will last for approximately 1 hour.

Follow up sessions start with an update on your health and wellbeing over the period in between treatments, followed by a full reflexology foot massage which lasts about 45 minutes. It is quite common to be given suggestions on what you can do between your sessions to help improve your health and sense of wellbeing and help you to reach your goals. 

Foot being massaged
Feet relaxing out a car window

Each reflexology treatment is specifically tailored towards you as an individual.

Taking into account your unique circumstances, physical conditions, mental and emotional issues.  This enables you to get the maximum benefit from the treatment.


Generally, people thoroughly enjoy the treatment and often like to incorporate reflexology into their lifestyle as part of their ongoing health regime.

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