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Clients comment that having a reflexology treatment is a very relaxing and calming experience, some even find themselves becoming so deeply relaxed that they fall asleep during their treatment.  This is one, amongst many other reasons, why you will benefit from having a reflexology treatment.


Reflexology can help you to relax, unwind and let go of tension and, therefore, help to reduce the symptoms that ongoing stress can cause to your general health and sense of well-being. 


As a result of this, clients report that it helps them feel more positive, improves their general mood, helps them to sleep better (which in turn has its own positive impact on the functioning of one’s mind and body) and promotes a greater sense of well-being.    


Many cancer charities are also now utilising the skills and experience of reflexologists and other complementary health therapists to work with patients to aid relaxation and reduce feelings of anxiety.


Clients with whom I have worked in the past tell me they have found that reflexology has helped them to:

Relax to:

  • Overcome anxiety and nerves

  • Reduce mental stress and tension held in the body

  • Relieve insomnia and improve sleep

  • Feel more positive

  • Reduce headaches caused by stress and tension

Support the natural functions of the body by helping to:

  • Improve circulation

  • Boost energy levels

  • Support the immune system

  • Aid the digestive system

  • Help support the hormonal system

It is important to understand that reflexology, whilst being a very beneficial treatment in terms of helping to look after your health and general sense of well-being, is not a diagnostic tool, and therefore does not replace the importance of seeking appropriate advice from a medical practitioner.  It does, however, work very well alongside conventional medicine. There may be times when you will be referred to your doctor if your symptoms cause concern and there can be instances where a reflexology treatment is not advised.    

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